Saturday, November 20, 2010

"From the delectable orchard of the Leonine prison."

Before we go through deep waters we may have many fears, says John Flavel.  How sweet, then to hear the testimony of those who have gone through very deep waters and have found them much shallower than they feared.
Flavel tells of Pomponius Algerius who, while in the stinking prison of Lyons in France, wrote, "I shall utter that which scarce any will believe, I have found a nest of honey in the entrails of a lion, a paradise of pleasure in a deep dark dungeon, in a place of sorrow and death, tranquillity of hope and life."  Each letter he wrote, he signed "From the delectable orchard of the Leonine prison."
Thank you Lord, for this testimony.    Forgive my carnal fear.  Give me courage.

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