Friday, March 26, 2010

Repentance is the rudder.

Besides being thrilled that my husband started a blog on Christian marriage I like checking out Doug Wilson's blog. Some of his best posts are on politics. He rightly points out that nothing can change without repentance. I think of that often when I hear the conservative talk show hosts boasting of how we are going to turn this ship around. The following post is superb.

We thought they'd like the latest fashion

The church seems desperate to keep up with the latest styles, one of the most prominent being egalitarianism. Here is a fascinating quote from The Gospel for Muslims by Thabiti Anyabwile on the effect of this on African-American men and their subsequent draw to Islam.

"African-American Muslims generally take family seriously. They tend to have large families organized in traditional gender roles of male leadership and female submission. For African-Americans, Islam can be seen as the only force that restores healthy family life, including strong male providers and virtuous wives and mothers.
The devastation of black family life is sometimes attributed to what is seen as an emasculating Christian influence. Christian men are viewed as weak. African-American Muslims object to women-dominated churches and homes. So much of the success of Islam in African-American communities comes from the Muslim community's ability to rehabilitate and strengthen African-American men and its concern for the protection of African-American family."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What are "Kidults"?

Kidults are people that are the age of an adult but they still act like kids -- resisting responsibility, resisting growing up, resisting thinking about others. In Do Hard Things Alex and Brett Harris discuss this phenomenon. There are lots of kidults in America.
Therefore, it is always fascinating to learn of young men and women who are breaking out of the mold. Enter David Brown. He recently married at 18 years of age having built a house and being debt free. If you're screaming for pictures go to Also click on "David's house up-date" on that page.
For a picture of the wedding go to and look for "Huzzah. Thanking God for another multi-generational success story."

Need for Reformation in Wedding Sermons

When I read the book of Ruth I am struck by the blessing given at the gates when the news of the marriage of Boaz and Ruth is announced: "may your house be like the house of Perez....because of the offspring that the Lord will give you by this young woman." Even before they are married there is talk of children.
Now Russell Moore in his book Adopted for Life addresses the same subject and I will quote him.
"One area of needed reformation in our preaching is in wedding sermons. Too many of our weddings, even in the most conservative churches, pretend as though the event is about the formation of a 'couple.' The language of older wedding ceremonies, which mention procreation and the children of the union, seem quaint and antiquarian to our ears. We're the ones who are odd, however, not our forebears. Marriage is about the formation of a new family. What would happen if our wedding ceremonies were less about a 'celebration of the love of Joni and Todd' and more about the formation of a new covenant family? What if the officiating pastor spoke to the couple not only about what it means to be a faithful husband and wife but what it will mean to be a faithful father and mother? What if every wedding ceremony included a prayer for the children of the union, that such children might actually be and that they'd be saved at an early age? What if this prayer included the mention of such children as coming either through birth or through adoption? Such small measures could help refocus our minds and hearts on our responsibilities to the next generation."