Saturday, December 26, 2009

Poetry on Jezebel and Christ....

Jezebel Fell; Jesus Arose

Jezebel, used to having her own way,
vowed for Naboth's "No" there'd be hell to pay.
Worthless fellows were bribed to tell a lie:
"He cursed God and King -- stone this rebel guy!"
Painted face hosts tea under lush grape vines
But justice is not silenced by cakes and wines.
Nothing nullifies God's Word, clear and loud,
God gives grace to the meek, unseats the proud.
When Jehu came to town, Jezebel fell.
Hands and skull spoke that dogs had eaten well.

Jesus, stubborn to do his Father's will,
refused to bow to Satan on the hill.
He didn't come to drink tea in a vineyard
But to be the grapes, crushed and stomped down hard.
Worthless fellows were called to tell a lie:
"He'll wreak the temple -- crucify this guy!"
Cup of wrath drunk by the Innocent;
Justice served, hell paid, for those who repent.
We Gentile dogs don't feast on Jezebel.
Christ arose, by faith on Him we sup full well.

Jeannette Paulson 12/09

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paulson home flooded in 2009

If we have eyes to see, God sent a flood of grace in 2009 -- none of which we deserved and all of which we received with too little thanks......
First of all,
receiving the new mercies of the Lord every morning -- opportunity to be washed again from sin in the blood of the lamb,
enjoying health, home, jokes, flowers, food and the ability to think one thought after another,
feasting on Pastor John Piper's sermons on the gospel of John,
learning at Visionary Women to pray for our children and childrens' children and childrens' childrens' children,
hiking with Frieswicks on breath-taking Barn Bluff overlook the Mississippi,
swimming lessons early on cool summer mornings,
sewing doll quilts and doll clothes with Murphys,
discussing How to Write a Story by Lee Roddy with young writers,
Harlan and Jeannette helping in Sunday School with a staggering new curriculum: Rejoicing in God's Good Design: A Study for Youth on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood,
David working as an R.N. and living with Christian friends,
Joseph graduating with a B.A. in business from Thomas Edison,
Hannah getting a tooth implant and working in an assisted-living home in Rosemount,
Ruthiey selling shoes at Kohls,
Ruthiey, Andrew, and Stephen learning piano with gifted Mrs. Shepherd,
Stephen picking up guitar,
Esther and Abigail learning art with gifted Mrs. Mann,
and Hannah helping mom make a handy three-week menu.

These are God's gifts to us in 2009. Remembering them should shame us into a stubborn refusal, by His grace, to despair and quit. Remembering them should fill us with anticipation for God's continued gifts of grace on grace. He is GOOD.