Thursday, September 24, 2009

Living by principle.

Living by principle means we will not live purely pragmatically. In 1866 Hudson Taylor felt the need for quarters in the city of Hang-chow. They found an ideal place but the owner, sensing their urgency, drove a hard bargain -- one beyond their means.
Now in the words of his son Dr. Howard Taylor: "Sunday, however, intervened--putting a stop as far as the missionaries were concerned to business transactions--and to the surprise of the landlord he saw no more of his would-be tenants. But though they had nothing to say to him apparently, they had much to lay before the Lord. The day was given to prayer, and when on Monday morning his decision was asked it was much more favourable.
"'They must have other houses in view,' he said to himself. 'If I am not careful I shall lose good tenants.'
"With surprising alacrity, after this, he came to terms, so that by Tuesday evening the necessary documents were signed and sealed." ----

God blessed Hudson Taylor's resolve to live by principle.