Friday, July 5, 2013

"He visits in trials...." and proves his wisdom.

He visits in trials, reproves for folly, smites for sin, and withholds the light of his countenance to testify his disapprobation of our ways; and yet all this is in love.....Was he less wise, we might have more comfort, but it would injure us; was he less holy, we might have fewer trials, but we should assuredly be losers....He is no fond parent, no foolish friend, no unholy companion; he will not tempt us to evil, nor with evil, neither will he indulge us to our injury.  He would rather close his ears to our cries, than his heart to our interests; and the day is coming when we shall see that all was needful, and not a trial could have been omitted consistently with the wisdom and holiness of his love.
The Love of Christ by James Smith