Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exegetical Gymnastics

When asked about the problems with an old-earth position, Al Mohler said:

"The first problem is exegetical -- that is, it has to do with the interpretation of Scripture.  I'm absolutely certain that there is no problem when one holds to a young-earth position. But if you hold an old-earth position, you have to employ interpretive methodologies in Genesis1-3 that most evangelicals would recognize as being invalid in any other context. There are huge exegetical problems,and they impact our understanding of the rest of Scripture."

Could you give a demonstration, please?

The theme of the Bethlehem Woman Conference this year is gratitude.  I love it.  Nancy Leigh De Moss says that ingratitude is a breeding ground for a sense of entitlement to sin.  How carefully we should keep our hearts!
Further, how ashamed a Christian woman should be when God has promised to, with the SON, give us freely all things.
For a real life example of a grateful, happy woman see this clip below: