Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Planning

Recently I saw the documentary Demographic Winter .Amazingly, some secular humanists who understand the negative effects of the "decline of the human family" are deeply worried. Many countries are seeing a decrease in population; in fact, they are dying countries and are beginning to feel it economically.
In the light of the above, I was thankful to find a note lying around the house lately written by one of our younger daughters. At play, she was imagining a family called The Johnston's Family. Under this title is the following:

John 35
Jeanette 33
Jack, Johnathin and Jude 13
Jesse and Josiah 11
Jorden 10
Joseph and Joshua 9
James 8
Jake 5
Jeremiah 8 months
More to come!!!

I was thankful to find this because so far they have not bought into the socially mandated 1.7 children per family as normal. Instead their play is reflecting the Biblical view of children being a blessing.