Friday, August 12, 2011

A Warning for Our JOY

Oh, I love this post.   Jasmine Baucham wisely warns against defining Biblical femininity more narrowly than Scripture.   The devil is happy either way: if we define femininity without any Biblical hedges or if we plant hedges within the hedges within the hedge of God's law.  The latter will make us grumpy, self-righteous, and unfruitful.   Not very attractive to the world.   Not very salty.

When your children make you want to cry....

I found this post about wedding dresses on my daughter's blog today.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Little things can grow....

Yesterday I had the incredible privilege of seeing Lake Itasca and the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.  We waded across!  It was narrower than my kitchen. I picked a penny off the bottom.

For our honeymoon nearly 25 years ago, we went to New Orleans, and there I saw the Mississippi River broadly, majestically sweeping into the Gulf of Mexico.  It is wide and strong there -- not to be messed with.
And so as I slipped out of my shoes yesterday, and rolled up my capris to go wading, I could not forget the admonishment to not despise the day of small things.

John Paton, William Carey, William Wilberforce, John Calvin and John Piper were all once bawling babies with running noses.   Their fathers and mothers were not famous but they were faithful, and God blessed.

Let us not grow weary in well-doing.