Thursday, September 16, 2010

Conversation with my daughter...

Esther is reading Dandelion Fire by N.D. Wilson -- a book full of one surprising turn of events after another.  She said that she feels used when the author ends the chapter with great mystery and danger.
I asked her if she feels used when she is on a roller coaster?  Lots of fun.  I guess some of us like smaller, gentler roller coasters.

By the way,  Dandelion Fire, is the second book in a trilogy for children that my children discovered this summer.  It was definitely one of our summer highlights.  The first book is called 100 Cupboards and the last one is called Chestnut King.   You can get them out of the public library.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"God save us from the American Dream"....

So read some buttons I saw recently.   I like them.

I fear the ardent pursuit and expectation of luxury and ease.  I fear it because it will make me soft on the day that trouble comes.

Rather, I want to be like Basil, early church father.  The Roman emperor Valens was tempting him to compromise by offers of preferment.  Basil said "Offer these things to children."  Seeing that the promise of good things could not tempt Basil, Valens began to threaten terrible sufferings.  To this Basil said, " Threaten these things to your purple gallants, that give themselves to pleasure, and are afraid to die."

This story comes from John Flavel's "A Practical Treatise of Fear."

Excuse Me for Posting off Doug Wilson's blog AGAIN....

but I think he is spot on about American "conservatism", or whatever you want to call it, being at a critical fork in the road.  Either we Americans, basically good at heart, are awakening after a bit of a doze and will pull ourselves up by our sensible boot straps, or we are desperately needy sinners who have gotten here by plenty of sinning and won't be freed buy by the blood of Jesus.   As Wilson explains, this is not only for individuals but for governments and courts.  It is all his -- from sea to shining sea.