Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Throw Ink at the Devil, Andre Seu

Luther once threw a pot of ink at the devil. I am jealous. He lived with a much more intense awareness of the power of unseen forces than I do.

I am a child of the scientific age-- where things are considered to be real if they can be weighed, measured, seen and felt. Everything else is considered a figment of my imagination. And so I am a practical atheist all too often, caught in the schemes of the evil one, unprepared to do battle, too seldom victorious. That is why I am jealous of warrior Luther.

Andre Seu calls herself a recovering materialist. In other words, she is becoming more aware of the unseen forces. She came to speak at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Her lectures called the unseen forces out of hiding. Listen if you want to grow wise.

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