Friday, February 26, 2010

Fair trade, minimum wage, child labor laws.... Who'd a thunk it?

I love a teacher who can make a subject understandable. It indicates that the teacher actually understand the subject himself -- something we cannot take for granted with all teachers.

Jay W. Richards, a Christian, understands economics. And his thoughtful book Money, Greed and God is a joy to read. The subtitle is "Why Capitalism is the Solution and not the Problem." In the book he exposes eight myths that explain every mistake Christians make in understanding economics, and makes a convincing case for capitalism being practically and morally superior.
Fair trade, minimum wage, child labor laws..... It is possible to see past the feel-good apparent benefits of these to the actual results, and judge whether they are good policy. Who'd a thunk it?

Jay Richards came to speak at Bethlehem Baptist Church on February 20. Our teens loved it. This seminar was video taped and will be available on DVD from the Minnesota Family Council. I cannot recommend this resource highly enough.

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