Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Fear is Rebellion

This morning we read Numbers 14 in family worship.  The spies have returned from scouting out the land: Though it is lush, the people are strong and the cities fortified.  Crying aloud and grumbling, the people   imagined all manner of horrors: "our wives and children will become prey."  But Caleb has no sympathy for these fears. In fact he calls the fear of the people 'rebellion.' He says that if God delights in them, he will bring them into the good land, and the people of the land will be "bread for us."  God had told them that he was giving them the land.  Going in was not presumptuous.  It was faith.
Similarly, when God tells us to go to all of the nations and preach the gospel, we must not let fear keep us back.  Such fear is rebellion.

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