Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some of our Favorite Books to Read Aloud

Favorite Authors from Inheritance Publications. This is one of our favorite publishers and the only one I will cover today. The list is not exhaustive of our favorites. Grace  of Truth has a wonderful little selection available.

Piet Prins
Anak The Eskimo Boy
Wambu Series (3 books)
Struggle for freedom Series (4 books)
The Shadow Series (5 books)
Scout Series (7 books)
Stefan Derksen’s Polar Adventure
The Sheltie Series (2 books)

Hesba Stretton

Jessica’s First Prayer and Jessica’s Mother
Amy Le Feuvre

Probable Sons
Legend Led
Teddy’s Button
Harebell’s Friend
Andy Man

Deborah Alcock
The Romance of Protestantism
Crushed yet Conquering
Under Calvin’s Spell
The Spanish Brothers
Doctor Adrian
Done and Dared in Old France
By Far Euphrates

 We have carefully selected  historical fiction to make church history come alive.   Deborah Alcock (though not writing for young children, her books can be read aloud when they are quite young) is one of our favorite authors of historical fiction. She takes you to France to weep with the persecuted but persevering Huguenots, to Bohemia to walk alongside the godly John Huss, to Spain to cringe as the reformation is crushed under the heels of the inquisition, to Turkey to witness the pain and triumphs of the Armenian Christians under the Turks,  to Holland as she fights to be free from the domination and oppression of Spain. Alcock understands the theological issues involved and you will get some theological education to boot.  

Some additional historical fiction to teach church history are:

The Farrier of Buda by P. De Zeeuw
The Carpenter of Zerbst by De Zeeuw
Quintus by R. Weerstand

Church history for children  (biography)
Against the World - The Odyssey of Athanasius by Henry W. Coray
Augustine by J. Gzn and De Zeeuw   
 William of Orange The Silent Prince  by W. G. Van de Hulst

Inheritance Publication also has a series on the Huguenots:
The Escape/The Secret Mission by A. Van der Jagt (this series is for children)
How They Kept The Faith by Grace Raymond
The Young Huguenots by Edith S. Floyer 
Driven into Exile by Charlotte Maria Tucker

                   Some books on WW II
It Began With a Parachute by William R. Rang
Journey Through the Night by Anne De Vries

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