Friday, June 1, 2012

If it is on R.C.Sproul's "Top Ten," I want it on my list too.

I am talking of book lists.  Whether yours is mental or written doesn't matter, but I hope you are intentionally planning books to read.  And good ones.   Life is short.  Books are friends and we are all subject to peer pressure.

Jonathan Edwards's Charity and Its Fruits is worth its weight in gold --and more.  Though I have not finished it yet, what I have read has provided conviction of sin and a deeper desire for godliness.

Allow me to quote a little section on censoriousness:
"....censoriousness judging evil of others when evidence does not oblige to it, or in thinking ill of them when the case very well allows for thinking well of them; when those things that seem to be in their favor are overlooked, and only those that are against them are regarded, and when the latter are magnified, and too great stress is laid on them."

 If charity is that without which nothing else counts for eternity, we had better take a few hours to understand what it means.  Edwards is a faithful teacher.

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