Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"What of it?"

This few precious lines from John Calvin's Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life:
"If we in our innocence and with a good conscience are robbed of our goods by the villainy of the wicked, and are reduced to poverty among men, we shall thereby increase our true riches with God in heaven.
If we are vanished from our country, we shall be received into the intimate fellowship of God.
If we are tormented and despised, we shall be the more firmly rooted in Christ for fleeing to him.
If we are covered with reproach and shame, we shall receive the more glory in the Kingdom of God.
If we are massacred, we shall be received into the eternal glory.
We ought to be ashamed of deeming the everlasting values of less account than the shadowy and fleeting pleasures of the present life."

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