Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks God, for the fun of words.

Mary Anne Hoberman has a books of children's poems called Yellow Butter Purple Jelly Red Jam Black Bread.  Although I do not like all of them, many are piles of fun.   'Whale' for one:

A whale is stout about the middle,
He is stout about the ends,
& so is all his family
& so are all his friends.

He's pleased that he's enormous,
He's happy he weighs tons,
& so are all his daughters
& so are all his sons.

He eats when he is hungry
Each kind of foods he wants,
& so do all his uncles
& so do all his aunts.

He doesn't mind his blubber,
He doesn't mind his creases,
& neither do his nephews
& neither do his nieces.

You may find him chubby,
You may find him fat,
But he would disagree with you:
He likes himself like that.

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