Friday, August 5, 2011

The Holy Spirit and allergies.

Be comforted. 
John Bunyan knew from personal experience that by nature we have an allergic reaction to the presence of God.  I love that honesty.  Rightly does Michael Haykin praise the Puritans for their "transparent honesty and in-depth knowledge of the human heart."  Listen to this quote from Bunyan, and don't miss the remedy that God provides for our allergies. 

"May I but speak my own experience, and from that tell you the difficulty of praying to God as I ought; it is enough to make you poor, blind, carnal men, to entertain strange thoughts of me. For, as for my heart, when I go to pray, I find it so loath to go to God, and when it is with him, so loath to stay with him, that many times I am forced in my prayers; first to beg of God that he would take mine heart, and set it on himself in Christ, and when it is there, that he would keep it there (Psalm 86:11). Nay, many times I know not what to pray for, I am so blind, nor how to pray, I am so ignorant; only (blessed be grace) the Spirit helps our infirmities [Rom. 8:26] (cited in p. 116). "   

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