Monday, June 20, 2011

Uprooting Anger

I am reading Uprooting Anger  by Robert D. Jones right now.  In the past I have sometimes wondered at Jesus saying in the sermon on the mount that anger is murder. But the more I become acquainted with my own sinful heart, the more I understand and believe it.   Jones says that it is hard to see anger in ourselves.  One of our sons has been taking stumps out of the ground this summer.   It is hard work because the roots are deep and tough.  So are the roots of sinful anger. It can either be revealed or concealed.   Either way it is deadly.   I have been concealing anger and the fruit of it was coldness and a severe temptation to punish.   The book is very good -- like having sessions with an excellent Biblical counselor -- homework and all!!!!      For an excellent review and a place to order it, see


  1. Mummy, I blogged about you. <3

  2. nice. so i popped over from ruthiey's place...always looking for a good are right, anger has deep roots and if you miss just a little they still grow...