Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sovereignty of God and the death of a Scottish lad.

Temple Gairdner, the son of a wealthy Scotsman, was at away at a private school and 10 when his younger brother died.  Previously he had dreamed of a life of success, wealth and popularity. But the death of his brother changed his life.  He resolved to follow God where ever he would lead.
Under an Arabic teacher he mastered Arabic in six months.  His teacher said that "He became more Egyptian than the Egyptians."
For 23 years, until his death, Gairdner helped to create Christian literature in Arabic.  He launched a weekly magazine that explained the Christian faith, and he wrote musicals for Biblical narratives, poetry, Arabic hymns, simple rhymes for the street children and gospel stories in verse.  He provided hospitality to many and ended up planting a vibrant cross-cultural church.  He longed to touch the heart of the Muslims and he poured out his life for that.
I cannot help but feel for Gairdner's mother when she lost her young son.   How she must have wept!  Little did she know that our sovereign God would use that death to propel another son to bring Christ to one of the needest parts of the world.
O mothers,  I hope this story encourages us to trust God with his mysterious providences in our lives.

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  1. That is a beautiful and encouraging story...thank you for posting this!