Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haman strutted -- and then hung.

When  I am tempted to think highly of myself and it is like the heady stupor of a drunken man or a gambler or an adulterer, I remind myself of Haman.   He strutted but his strutting took him to the gallows.   Better to be Mordecai.   I remind myself of Pharoah.  The pleasures of sin for a season.   Better to be Moses who exchanged that pleasure to suffer with God's people in the wilderness.  In the wilderness God was present along with his promise of everlasting rest.  Lord, when pride rises in my breast let it be swallowed up by those images of Haman strutting -- then hung -- and Pharoah, wealthy beyond imagination -- then stripped of trees, cows, gold and firstborn son.

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