Monday, January 3, 2011

Ever feel like you are being threshed?

If so, a good theology of suffering may help:

In his lovely little book called The Victory of the Lamb,  Frederick S. Leahy borrows from Klaas Schilder about the sifting of the believer.  We have no idea of the cosmic warfare behind the trials of our life.   When God allowed Satan to afflict Job, Satan sifted him, confident that he followed God only for the bread and the fish and would prove to be chaff if the bread and fish were taken away.  Satan wants us.  Viciously. But God overrules.  He keeps his own.  The affliction instead proved Job to be wheat, not chaff -- worshipping God even in the absence of bread and fish, knowing that having God, he had all.

May all the threshing of our lives prove you and me to be wheat -- precious, solid, weighty --and not chaff.

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