Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer for the New School Year

Oh, Lord, we are weak with many failures and temptations.  What shall induce us to get up, dust off the seat of our pants, pick up our pack and head up the road?

We remember past failings -- lack of discipline, heartless prayer, careless words, idolatrous, envious, covetous hearts, thoughtless eating and drinking, a grumbling spirit and an unwillingness to lay down our lives for you and others.  Forgive us.  Help us to remember our sin.   We soon forget and strut like roosters making ourselves a legend in our own minds.

Having no basis for confidence in self, let us put our confidence in you.  You came for sinners and when we give ourselves to you, we are changed.  By your grace we are not old dogs unable to learn new tricks.  Give grace to count and order our days for you -- relishing prayer, choosing words seasoned with salt, growing in single-hearted love for you, brimming with thankfulness to you and consciously glorifying you in our eating, drinking, scrubbing and studying.

Give us to see that if we are yours, we are sons of the King with a high, holy and exciting calling.   And because of that, give us -- like Nehemiah --  to resist all distractions and the temptation to run and hide out of fear.  Cheer our hearts on the road.  Defend us in the battle.

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