Thursday, March 18, 2010

A rare topic

I don't hear much talk of the Lord's Day. I'd love to hear more. Maybe we don't even know what to think of it --much less how to talk of it.
Here is some help from Bryan Stuart.
"Then notice what God does. He does not keep the rest to Himself; He does not hoard feasting and cause mankind to labor without ceasing so as to subsidize His feast. Rather, God gives this Sabbath rest to man. He hallows the seventh day and sanctifies it. He sets it apart so that man too, like the Creator, would be able to work and labor and strive, exercising dominion over the earth, and then on the seventh day sit back and rest, enjoying the fruit of his hands and worshiping the Lord who had given him such bounty to enjoy. In other words, God’s rest, God’s feast, was a blessing for all humanity."
If this paragraph sparks your interest, read the article below. Stuart also has a book from Canon Press called the taste of SABBATH.

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