Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Falling into place

Bethlehem Baptist Church has prepared a Sunday School curriculum called Rejoicing in God's Good Design on the Biblical roles of men and women. This is a wise, proactive approach in light of the attacks on truth within the church of Christ.

Required, is solid theology in order to have a proper framework for understanding the issues. For example, without an adequate sense of the seriousness of the fall, we will not diagnose the problem properly. And an improper diagnosis leads to improper treatment. Ask your doctor. When we understand that the brokeness in relationships between men and women is because of the fall, we will not blame men, per se, as the feminists did. Betty Friedan powerfully ushered in feminism with such pithy sarcastic statements as "Woman need men like a fish needs a bicycle." Rather, sin is the cause. And sin has deeply stained both men and women. The answer to the problem, then, is not women ditching and belittling men but both men and women allowing God's truth to expose their sin and then both crying out for forgiveness and grace to walk anew.

Then we can rejoice in God's good design rather than being embittered.

When you take the fall seriously a lot of other things fall into place.

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