Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Imitate Hudson Taylor

I am reading more of Hudson Taylor and am deeply stirred.

He came to see that the work of evangelizing inland China was God's work -- not his. And thus, however grim things looked humanly speaking -- low funds, criticism from other believers, government restrictions, threat of war, sickness -- he prayed intensely and moved forward, trusting God to provide for HIS work. God provided wonderfully, if sometimes just in the nick of time.

What does that look like for me? These children are yours, O Lord. I am yours. All is yours.
So this work, too, is yours, and difficulties cannot be the barometer for whether I should move forward.

Taylor learned to look past the waves to the master. I must too, by his grace.

Which difficulties are you allowing to distract you from seeing the long arm and goodness of God?

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  1. The spacings make your posts dramatic and more readable. Good stuff, Mum. Good post, too. In imitating Hudson Taylor, we're imitating Jesus and his complete faith in his Father.