Thursday, September 17, 2009

As fresh as the day he was brought into the light of God's gospel

To the very last days of his life, John Calvin remained deeply thankful for God's grace in converting him. Here is an excerpt from his last will and testament (1564):

"I have no other defense or refuge for salvation than His gratuitous adoption, on which alone my salvation depends. With my whole soul I embrace the mercy which He has exercised towards me through Jesus Christ, atoning for my sins with the merits of His death and passion, that in this way He might satisfy for all my crimes and faults, and blot them from His remembrance. I testify also and declare, that I suppliantly beg of Him, that He may be pleased so to wash and purify me in the blood which my Sovereign Redeemer has shed for the sins of the human race, that under His shadow I may be able to stand at the judgment-seat. I likewise declare, that, according to the measure of grace and goodness which the Lord hath employed towards me, I have endeavored, both in my sermons and also in my writings and commentaries, to preach His Word purely and chastely, and faithfully to interpret His sacred Scriptures."

Now here is a questions: To what extend did his incredible fruitfulness stem from his cultivating a deep thankfulness for salvation?

And another question: Could someone get converted simply by reading your last will and testament?

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