Sunday, July 5, 2009

"...did you really believe this..."

In the morning I like to read a few paragraphs of Thomas Brooks' excellent book The Privy Key of Heaven. It is on prayer, and excellent. I can't resist giving a few quotes from what I read today: "God, in the great day, will recompense his people before all the world, for every secret prayer, and secret tear, and secret sigh, and secret groan that that hath come from his people." Brooks then goes on to say that "did you really believe this" you would:
1 Walk more thankfully.
2 Work more cheerfully.
3 Suffer more patiently.
4 Fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil, more courageously.
5 Lay out yourselves for God, his interest and glory, more freely.
6 Life with what providence hath cut out for your portion, more quietly and contentedly. And,
7 You would be in private prayer more frequently, more abundantly.

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